1. In the end you should always do the right thing even if it’s hard.
    — Nicholas Sparks, The Last Song (via hqlines)


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    Here’s to the oncoming Autumn.


  5. Anonymous said: How is a Virgo man as a boyfriend/husband and father?


    He is caring, kind, and always puts everyone else first. Virgo will love you, faults and all. They really only want to see you doing well, and if Virgo believes he can help you do that, then they will try their hardest and do everything in their power to make it so. Virgo men, especially as fathers, can be labeled as nitpicky and critical. It’s just their desire to help you out with the details and is really not to be taken personally. It’s a sign of their love. They are not traditional by any means in their expressions of love, but they do love deeply. Expressing feelings verbally is just not their forte- they need to think about things a million times over before they can really express them. If you’re in a romantic relationship with a Virgo male, expect long love letters, texts, or emails. Their emotions are best expressed when they can write them out and analyze them- and then edit, change, and insert what they want. Virgo men also really enjoy to touch and feel and physically just be around the one they love. It comforts and calms them down. They are incredibly loyal, and once they fall in love it can be hard for them to fall out of love. In fact, a lot of Virgo men stubbornly stay in broken relationships hoping they can fix things. It’s just hard for Virgos to let go of something they put so much work and heart into.


  6. Pain is temporary. Quitting lasts forever.
    — Lance Armstrong, Every Second Counts (via kushandwizdom)

  7. 24 in exactly a week. Virgo gang bruh.


  8. I saw various UFO’S today near Manchester and Florence with my friend. People think this is a game but I swear they were Aliens. And that’s fine if no one believes us. I just hope it never happens to you, it’s brilliantly interesting and absolutely terrifying st the same time.


  9. 24 in exactly a week, can’t wait. Virgo gang bruh!




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